Before You Upgrade Your Self-Storage…

If you currently use Norfolk self-storage to hold furniture, seasonal clothing and decorations, or other belongings, you’re aware of the convenience the extra space brings. You have room to move at home and you’re satisfied knowing everything else you own is secure. As with living in a house that seems to shrink over time, too, you may eventually find you’ve outgrown your unit. 

The next time you open the door to see your rented space at near capacity, you have to make a decision. Do you upgrade to a larger unit? Instinct may tell you yes, but it’s important to take these factors into consideration.

Can you afford it? Most self-storage facilities charge by the month, so you budget your fee as you would with the rent, cable bill, and other expenses. Moving to a larger unit means paying more, so you need to make sure there’s enough in your bank account to cover the fees. If you spring for a deluxe television package and discover it’s too much money you can easily downgrade, but it’s not the same with self-storage. You’ll either spend time and energy moving back to a smaller unit, or worse, see your things auctioned off if you miss a payment!

Will you keep everything? As more items come into your unit, it’s a good idea to survey what’s already there. You may have good reason to hold onto certain things, but life changes could eliminate those needs. If you’re not adding to your family, you can give away the crib you’ve stored. If you’ve moved from a house to a small apartment, you probably don’t need as many holiday decorations. If you’re able to move out some inventory, you may wish to hold off on an upgrade until it’s absolutely necessary.

Is a larger unit available? If you think of upgrading to a larger storage unit, the simplest course of action is to move within the facility. It’s convenient and will take less time to transfer your things. What happens, however, if there are no large units available where you currently rent? Do you wait for an opening or do you shop elsewhere? 

Moving out may incur added costs like a truck rental or fees larger than you’d expect to pay at your current facility. You’ll also spend more time completing the job depending on travel. 

The decision of when to upgrade to a larger self-storage unit is best made after a solid plan. Factor in the added expense so you’ll have no trouble with payments, and research unit availabilities with your current facility. If you need to upgrade your self-storage space in the Norfolk area, Tidewater Drive Self Storage can answer all your questions. Call us today.