What to Do When You Don’t Have Enough Closet Space

Do you live in a home where you fear an avalanche every time you reach for the closet door? Surely all of us have at least one compact area that is stuffed floor to ceiling with everything from winter coats to old photo albums – stuff we rarely use but can’t give away for sentimental or practical reasons. Eventually, though, something will give and you’ll be faced with a decision: get rid of something or move everything. If you have not considered off-site storage because of expense or surplus space, you may find that storage facilities are able to accommodate you regardless of the amount of items you have.

When you drive past a storage facility, you might notice that the buildings have uniform garage-style doors, signifying large storage spaces for customers. This may lead you to believe that were you to rent space from such a facility, that you have only one choice of size and therefore must pay a set fee for keeping your items, and some wasted space you do not need. This is not always the case. Storage facilities do offer a variety of units that vary in size. If you know you do not need more than a walk-in closet to keep extra belongings, you can rent just what you need and pay a reasonable monthly fee.

Some advantages to renting storage space include:

1) Security. You will have your belongings in a locked closet or garage-sized area, and if your unit is accessible only from inside a building you have the added protection.

2) Temperature control. With air-conditioned units, your belongings are less likely to mold or wither than if you had kept them in a sweltering garage at home.

3) Access. As the renter of the unit, you can access your belongings when you need them. Choose a reputable facility close to your home.

What should go into your rental unit? You may be reluctant to part with everything that is stuffed in that bulging closet, but taking the time to sort belongings for seasonal or indefinite storage gives you the opportunity to decide exactly what you have that is useful and what needs to either be set aside or removed from your home altogether. Sometimes we hang onto things because they were gifts, or because we used them when we were younger. Removing items off-site gives you room to breathe in your own home, but also helps you become better organized. Consider renting a storage unit today for that surplus stuff.

Kathryn Lively