All About Climate Control

It’s a term you will see throughout our website. Climate controlled self storage is a hallmark of our business. When you rent a unit from Tidewater Drive Storage Center, you gain access to a clean space which maintains the ideal temperature year round. Consistency in climate brings an added layer of protection to your belongings, and such storage has advantages compared to non-climate controlled units.

In a climate-controlled facility, temperature and humidity is managed within the units. This option is beneficial for many reasons, including:

  • Reduced risk of mold on certain fabrics
  • Reduced risk of warped wood
  • Reduced damage to certain electronic equipment, like flatscreens
  • Reduced risk of cracking and splitting 

The climate control option is beneficial for storing specialty items, too. If you have a large record or book collection, for example, you don’t want extreme temperatures to harm these items. They need to be stored in a place where it won’t get too hot and where the environment isn’t dusty.

When shopping for the right self-storage space for your belongings, it’s important to ask about climate control. Not every facility offers this feature. Storing your furniture and boxes in a unit without climate control may keep everything secure, but Hampton Roads weather can be unpredictable. Moments of heat and cold and humidity can affect your storage inventory. 

Do you have questions about how our units are protected through climate control? We are happy to help! You may even qualify for our $1 for the first month’s rent special. Contact Tidewater Drive Storage Center today and ask about availability.