Prepare Your Storage Unit For Spring Cleaning

The first day of Spring arrives a little more than a month away. Are you ready? It’s safe to say we are all looking forward to warmer weather and improved conditions. Spring marks changes for the community, and our homes. Soon it will be time to go through attic spaces and closets for a massive cleaning.

If you already have self-storage in Norfolk, evaluating your space should be part of your spring cleaning plan. A climate-controlled unit designed to hold everything from surplus furniture to multiple boxes comes in handy when you are ready to remove objects from your home. This year as you spring clean, prepare your self-storage unit so the actual cleaning work happens with ease.

When you visit your unit before beginning a spring clean, bring along extra labels and a marker. If you currently have boxes stored that are not properly labeled, use this time to take care of that issue. It will save you time when you next visit for something you need. 

Survey what’s already in your unit. Do you plan to keep everything contained? This is a good time to evaluate if anything should be donated or trashed. In the event you want to make more room for items, it may be time to move some stuff out. If possible, consider consolidating some of the bins within your unit to make space.

Lastly, it may be helpful to rearrange what bins are currently in your unit. Prioritize the items you feel you will likely retrieve and keep them at the front. New additions to your unit which may be not used for a while can take space in the rear. 

If you need a self-storage unit to assist with your spring cleaning, Tidewater Drive Storage Center is recently expanded. Contact us today for availability and to see if you qualify for a military discount or our $1 for the first month’s rent.